Would you quit your job after winning a dream lottery jackpot?

Winning a dream lottery jackpot is about more than just winning a massive life-changing lump sum of money. It symbolises a fresh start, new opportunities, exciting adventures, and the chance to improve one’s financial situation.

For some lottery players, their dream lottery jackpot allows them to do something they’ve been eager to do for many years. Walking into their manager’s office to hand in their resignation letter. But is giving up your day job the best decision to make?

Numerous studies have been conducted into how winning a dream lottery jackpot affects lottery winners and also their attitude towards their work. A famous 1980’s study by Berkeley discovered out of 549 American lottery winners surveyed, “only 23% of the million-dollar winners quit their jobs. And none of the winners who won less than us $50,000 quit.”

A study in 2004 seemed to echo that of Berkeley, revealing that 85% of dream lottery winners didn’t quit their jobs. It also found that 63% of lottery winners stayed with the same employer they had before their life-changing win.

The results from a study conducted by Ipsos MORI about British lottery winners yielded different results. According to this study, less than half of those winners surveyed kept the same job after winning the jackpot.

Quitting your job after winning a massive lottery jackpot is not always an easy decision to make. We have compiled some stories of dream lottery winners who quit their jobs, and one who did not, so let’s see how it worked out for them.

Written in the stars.

24-year-old Dean Weymes, from Peterborough in the UK, quit his day job after discovering he had struck it rich in the UK Lottery. The Amazon shift-worker had won a top prize of £10,000 (approximately US $13,000) per month for 30 years.

Would you quit your job after winning a dream lottery jackpot? - Dean Weymes

Image source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9665057/national-lottery-win-amazon-worker/

He decided to follow his dream of becoming a screenwriter, saying “I studied screenwriting at university, as this has always been a passion of mine. Now I can turn my passion into a job – something I never thought I could do.”

Dean’s former employer wished him luck and expressed hope that soon he would be creating blockbuster movies for Amazon Studios. To date, none of Dean’s creations has made it to the big screen just yet, but he has plenty of time on his side.

Check before you cheer.

The next story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of celebrating too soon.

Every Christmas, the El Gordo lottery grips the imagination of Spain, bringing the country to a standstill to watch the draw. The draw is aired live on TV on December 22. People buy shares in the lottery tickets, meaning that friends, neighbours and family celebrate together when they win.

This is what happened to Natalia Escudero, a Spanish TV reporter, who discovered live on air she had ‘won’ the El Gordo lottery. She got over-excited and started wagging her finger in front of the camera and screaming “I’m not going in tomorrow.”

However, when she discovered she had only won €5,000 (about US $6,000), she had to go back, with her tail between her legs, begging for her job back. Natalia issued a remorseful tweet the next day, and she has not given up her day job just yet.

EuroJackpot’s record-breaker.

With just her second-ever entry in the EuroJackpot lottery, 36-year-old office cleaner Christina claimed a massive record-breaking €90 million (approximately US $107 million). It was a world record for an online lottery pay-out.

Her mother helped her choose her winning numbers, and she only found out she was a millionaire after finishing her late-night cleaning shift. And you guessed it, Christina did not take long to embark on the new phase of her life. The first thing that she did was to quit her job on the spot.

“I’ve always wanted to travel and visit new countries. Finally, I’ll be able to afford my dream holiday: driving coast-to-coast across the USA in a camper van,” after her big win.

Psychic powers?

In this next story, the adage “fortune favours the brave” is personified effortlessly.

The decision to quit their job is a decision many lottery winners make after they discover they have won their dream lottery jackpot. Well, not for this lucky lady as she did things the other way around.

Yanique S. from Colorado dedicated 30 years of her life working as a nursing assistant and soon decided the time was right to make a change. Without knowing what the future holds, she quit her job in 2017 and little did she know her luck will change in a very dramatic way.

She bought her winning lottery ticket at her local grocery store, and she discovered she was US $3.3 million richer after the Saturday, January 28th draw. She has been a passionate lottery player for three decades and could not believe she had won the massive jackpot.

Her husband, Bruce, was also stunned when he saw the winning lottery numbers, saying “I was highly suspicious, but then I thought, there’s no way she could mock up their whole website!”

Now the former nursing assistant can start making plans for a luxuriously comfortable retirement.

Lottery pool thief.

Not everyone who quits their job after discovering they have won the lottery does so for a genuine reason.

Gary Baron, a truck driver, was a member of a lottery pool in a courier company where he worked. The lottery pool’s lucky numbers matched those drawn in the weekly Australian lottery and won a hefty AU $16.6 million (approximately US $12.2 million).

However, Gary hatched a devious plan after discovering dividing the windfall among the 15 member lottery pool; he would only take home just over AU $1 million (about US $733,000). He quit his job without informing his colleagues about the win and planned to keep the entire windfall to himself.

His plan backfired rather quickly when the lottery organisers sent a congratulatory bottle of champagne to his workplace. Ironically, the bottle of champagne was delivered by another member of the lottery pool.

You would think that Gary would try by all means to conceal his new-found wealth, think again. Him and his girlfriend, who was also part of the lottery pool, paraded their extravagant purchases on social media.

Gary was dragged to court where he claimed to have won the massive jackpot from a ticket he had purchased for himself. In the end, the other members of the lottery pool did not get their equal share of the windfall but had to settle for smaller sums.

Unlucky in love.

In 2017, a 53-year-old hospital worker from Massachusetts won one of the biggest lottery jackpots of all time, an enormous US $758.7 million from the US Powerball.

Mavis Wanczyk took home a lump sum of US $443 million after-tax deductions. After working at the Mercy Medical Centre for 32 years, she decided to retire and look after herself instead.

Would you quit your job after winning a dream lottery jackpot? - Mary Wanczyk

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Her partner of 15 years, Richard Lord, was less fortunate. Richard never got the chance to get down on one knee and pop the question, despite being together for a decade and a half. They parted ways a year before Mavis scooped the record Powerball jackpot. It meant that her ex-partner was not entitled to a cent of her winnings.

Richard showed no sign of bitterness but remained philosophical, saying “I’m happy for her. I certainly don’t hold anything against her. I hope she enjoys all that money – she’s certainly got a lot of it now.”

Cleaning up.

When most lottery players discover that they have won a whopping CA $7 million (approximately US $5.6 million) chances are they would quit their jobs.

But Vito Halasan is not ‘most lottery players’. The 58-year-old janitor shocked everyone when he said he will not quit his job, but will at least cut down his hours.

He had trouble coming to terms with his new-found fortune after scanning his lottery ticket, saying “I have a really blurry vision, so I had to hold the ticket right up to my face. I couldn’t believe it.”

Vito left his native Philippines to give his family a better life in Canada and plans to use his windfall to secure the futures of his three children and four grandchildren.

If you had to win your dream lottery jackpot, would you pitch up for work the next day or would you quit and jet off into the sunset? There is only one way to find out, and that is to play your favourite international lottery on Lotto247.

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