Weird places Thai lottery players look for their lucky lottery numbers

Whether you play regularly or a novice who only partakes in the occasional Superdraw, there are two conventional ways to choose your lucky numbers. A Quick Pick or the self-select option.

Not every lottery player opts for these two orthodox methods when choosing their lucky lottery numbers. Some lottery players have adopted a more ‘unconventional’ approach to help select their winning numbers.

Players will often select their lucky lottery numbers based off of things they notice around them throughout the day. These lottery players will mindfully take note of numbers that grab their attention when they are at home, at the mall or driving to and from work. It includes licence plates, phone numbers on signs or billboards or any random number that interests them.

In Thailand, however, lottery players have found peculiar and unique approaches to choosing their lucky lottery numbers. Thus, anything with numbers on them, from Tarantula and termite nests or hospital beds is seen as a possible change of fortune.

A superstitious ritual is usually involved in the interpretation process

Facing the favoured easterly direction, a tarantula’s nest appeared in May 2020. The appearance of this nest saw locals flocking to it, lighting incense and offering it flowers.

On small pieces of paper, locals write numbers from zero to nine, roll them up and drop them in the nest. When the lurking tarantula picks up the first numbers and brings back its nest’s entrance, the locals believe it to be the next lucky lottery number.

In the North-western province of Surin, a termite nest formed on a roadside distance marker. The nest was immediately surrounded by incense, a spirit house and red Fanta - a popular Thai drink offered to the spirits.

Over a thousand lottery players have visited the nest because, for several weeks, the distant marker correctly predicted the winning lottery numbers. As a result, lottery vendors have now set up shop on the site.

A 55-year-old woman won the Thai lottery jackpot after using her husband’s hospital bed number as part of her lucky numbers. While a 28-year-old woman filed a report at the police to ensure she was the actual owner of the lottery tickets before claiming her 12 million Baht (approximately US $390,000) prize. It is common for players in Thailand to buy multiple lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the Thai lottery jackpot numerous times.

In 2018, an analysis conducted by TMB Bank found that the Thai government sells an estimated 100 million lottery tickets to lottery vendors who then sell them to nine million buyers. Each lottery ticket costs 100 Baht (approximately US $4), with the jackpots ranging from 2,000 Baht (about US $64) to six million Baht (approximately US $192,000).

The Thai lottery ticket consists of six numbers. Prizes are awarded for more than a hundred variations, including for particular sequences of the first and last three digits, including the last two digits. Thai lottery numbers are announced on the 1st and 15th day of every month.

Finding lucky lottery number clues by interpreting dreams

Thailand’s largest daily newspaper, Thairath, released an article in June this year on how lottery players can win the lottery by interpreting dreams. It stated that players should buy a ticket with the number one if they saw chickens, dragons, mice, bamboo, pencils, pens, cigarettes, candles or frogs in their dreams.

Weird places Thai lottery players look for their lucky lottery numbers - Finding lucky lottery number clues by interpreting dreams

If they dreamt of corpses, coffins, suitcases, books, tables, chairs, beds and four-legged creatures, they have to buy a lottery ticket with the number four. A ticket with zeros is for dreams of bracelets, rings, watches, the moon, sun, buttons or drums.

Why is the Thai Lottery so popular?

The Thai lottery is popular, according to a Government Lottery Office spokesperson - Thanvath Phovichai, as it is the only legal form of gambling.

“Thai people have no other channels to gamble legally. In some Western countries, there are casinos and sports gambling, and people can gamble in many different ways”, Thanavath says. “Is there a special reason behind Thai people’s fascination with the lottery? No, but it’s the only legal form of gambling here.”

Three useful methods for choosing your lottery numbers

There is no perfect blueprint when choosing your lucky lottery numbers, and there is no ideal method, but that does not mean you cannot use your preferred method. You can use a scientific approach, a mathematical method or a random one; you will never know where your luck lies.

Here are three methods that might be useful and could help you win that massive lottery jackpot:

1. Choose frequently picked lucky lottery numbers

Some lottery games offer charts that show how often a number has been drawn during a specific time frame. There is no clarity to know if you must be looking at frequent winning lottery numbers or those drawn less frequently.

It is advisable to look up both sets of numbers and create your combination of numbers from both groups. The winning numbers are drawn, in most cases, are more likely to remain as frequent winning lucky lottery numbers.

You should choose your lucky numbers based on the frequency chart while keeping in mind that each number has an equal chance of being drawn.

Weird places Thai lottery players look for their lucky lottery numbers - Choose frequently picked lucky lottery numbers

2. Use the Delta Lotto method

The Delta Lotto method entails choosing your lucky lottery numbers on the statistical study of numbers that are next to each other. It is a method based on research, but you should keep in mind using this method does not guarantee a win.

3. Choose numbers that are significant to you

If you are a staunch believer in lucky numbers, it is probably because those numbers are from important dates or events in your life. They could be your date of birth, house number, the day you met your spouse, addresses and phone numbers.

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