Splurge-worthy items only a lottery winner would buy

The world is filled with interesting and unusual items. However, without the excess money, pampering yourself is often not at the top of your to-do list. That’s why so many people love our international jackpots.

Winning millions in cash not only unlocks incredible experiences, but it also opens up a world of weird and unconventional commodities to add to your shopping cart.

Why spoil yourself with out of the ordinary shopping?

Special occasions call for special treats. Becoming a lottery winner and an instant millionaire is definitely one of those special occasions.

This is the time to put away the calculator, to forget about any budget and to turn a blind eye to price tags. Now is your chance to indulge your fantasies, no matter how unusual they might be.

Have you ever felt oddly relaxed after shopping? Many people consider it to be a form of self-care. It can be physically browsing through aisles or enjoying online retail therapy from the comfort of your home. Those extended periods by yourself can be considered me-time.

If you’d like to indulge in a way you never have before, here is our list of splurge-worthy items only a lottery winner would buy.

1. A US $22 loaf of bread

On an ordinary day, paying US $22 on a loaf of bread would seem like an outrageous idea. After becoming a lottery winner however, it’s certainly more doable.

She Wolf Bakery’s world-famous miche gives a modern twist on this classic Parisian bread. The US $22 loaf maintains the round and rustic shape, except, these loafs weigh a total of four pounds each! A quarter loaf is traditionally sold at US $5, but after winning millions, this will be an interesting addition to your cheese board at the celebratory dinner you absolutely have to have.

Splurge-worthy items only a lottery winner would buy - A US $22 loaf of bread

Get ready to sink your teeth into the toasted nut and caramel hints this loaf is known for, while you toast to becoming a Lotto247 lottery winner.

2. A US $38 bar of soap

Soap is soap? Wash on, wash off right? While this might be the case for some brands, Krigler’s soap is in a league of their own.

Their bars are made in Avignon, in the Southeast region of France. While this area is known for its refined wines and celebrated artists, Krigler’s soap also makes up a large part of Avignon’s history. The original formula for their soaps dates back to Napoleon and his wife Marie-Louise. If it was good enough for aristocratic families, then it’s definitely good enough for a lottery winner to lather themselves in.

Apart from using these bars in the traditional sense, avid Krigler soap-lovers suggest using it in new and interesting ways to get the most out of their purchase. At the end of the day, after spending US $38 on a bar of soap, the last thing you want to do is watch it run down the drain.

One suggestion is to use the Krigler bars in draws to lightly fragrance your clothing. While the phrase ‘I only wear lightly scented clothing’ sounds like a request from the lips of an extravagant multimillionaire, it’s also the perfect indulgence for a lottery winner.

3. A US $15,000 watch

Splurge-worthy items only a lottery winner would buy - A US $15,000 watch

Image source: www.http://loupiosity.com/

The A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Watch is a timepiece, but it’s also timeless in its design. This German watch is true to its roots - no fuss, only practical and simple features will do.

There are no lavish additions either, even the seconds hand has been removed for an added touch of minimalism. The hour and minute hand is enclosed by a white-gold case and the watch flaunts an alligator leather band for a subtle touch of luxury.

After winning millions, this is the perfect accessory to help you keep track of time. This way you’ll never miss a flight or a tee-off with friends.

4. A US $400 bottle of oud

Dark, rich and exotically fragranced, oud costs an incredible US $400 for a thumb-sized bottle of this scent. At this price, oud is easily one of the most expensive perfumes in the world.

While the bottled form is what’s sold, oud is actually a fragrant resin that is scraped off of a diseased tree. The bark itself goes by many names and it is ultimately determined by the location of the tree. Some know it as agarwood, gharuwood or even jinko. The timber of these trees pushes up the price because of their valuable and rare wood.

Splurge-worthy items only a lottery winner would buy - A US $400 bottle of oud

While oud can be found in popular perfume brands like Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, the original scent is lost in the added fragrances. For an authentic smell, we suggest taking a trip to where it’s most-loved, in the Middle East and Asia. Here it is worn by everyone from sultans to civilians and tourists alike. It’s here where you will be able to enjoy the roasted, toasted, spiced and woody notes oud is known for.

While a US $400 price tag for perfume might sound excessive to some, for a lottery winner, you could easily buy a bottle for yourself and every member of your family.

Which one of these strange and unusual items would you buy after having instant access to disposable cash?

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