High-Class Tech For The Lottery Winner

From a gold plated iPad to a diamond-encrusted TV, the world is filled with expensive gadgets and high-class tech that will make you feel utterly luxurious.

Here are some ridiculously expensive gadgets that you should only think about buying if you are a lucky lottery winner


To make the toilet the ultimate throne, Kohler has launched one of the most advanced bathrooms ever. The Kohler Numi model comes packed with features and an impressive price of $6 500 to match them.

Why would you purchase such an extravagant toilet? It has Bluetooth which helps you play music straight from your phone. It also possesses an SD slot which lets you store playlists or a personalized greeting. Furthermore, there is also multi colour ambient lighting, enabling you to choose one view for each day.

HOVERCRAFT: $190 000

Hoverboards are a thing of the past. Why hover a few inches over the ground when you can soar 20 feet above the ground with a Hovercraft?

A hovercraft can reach a top speed of 70 miles per hour. It comes furnished with a liquid-cooled gas engine and a 130 horsepower twin cylinder that gives it the power it needs. You can pilot it over water, sand, and even snow.

High-Class Tech For The Lottery Winner

FLYING CAR: $350 000

It’s a three-wheeled car and motorcycle hybrid that can go up to 110 miles per hour on the road. When you fly this spectacular vehicle, it will go at speeds of 220 miles per hour.

Just like being a lottery winner that goes from zero to hero, you can take it from the street to the sky. Just pull over, and within a few moments, your car will be transformed into a plane, and you will be ready for lift-off. Since it’s part-aeroplane, you need to have a pilot's license to fly it.


Built-in a James Bond-style, this underwater automobile is the absolute best way to live a life of leisure and luxury. It can go at speeds of 80 miles on land and can stay up to three hours under the water.

18K GOLD SPEAKERS: $4 700 000

The world’s most valuable speakers, these D&W Aural Pleasure speakers were produced by Hart Audio. The corporation brought out 99 bronze speakers, five speakers in sterling silver, and only one pair in solid 18k gold. Each speaker weighs approximately 50kg, and they come with three speaker drive units which produce bass and mid-range superbly.

High-Class Tech For The Lottery Winner


It works like a standard iPad, but it certainly doesn’t look like a regular iPad, and it surely doesn’t cost as much as one. It weighs almost 2 kg and has a 57g T-Rex bone in its casing.

Instead of the usual home button, there is a real 8.5 carat diamond with 12 smaller, but still as opulent, diamonds all around it. When you look at the back, you will find the Apple logo encrusted with 52 separate hand-cut and crafted diamonds.

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