Why playing the lotto is the best bet you can make!

Winning the lottery isn't just about bagging a massive pile of money: it's about celebrating the freedom that winning a lot of money can bring. Players who collect jackpots get to enjoy fabulous lives of their choosing, no longer bound by the pressures of work or subject to the need to earn money. Their time is their own.

Playing the lotto is one of the best bets that a person can make. It allows people to enjoy incredible adventures all over the world. Here are some examples of the type of thing winners get up to once they've collected their prize.

Heliskiing In True Wilderness In Baffin Island

Why playing the lotto is the best bet you can make!

When given a choice, many lottery winners want to escape the crowded cities of their home countries and travel somewhere that people never go in true style.

Heliskiing on Baffin Island is an excellent example of how lottery winners combine their sense of luxury with adventure. Going to the same ski resort year after year can get a little mundane for some players. That's why, when they win the jackpot, many immediately search for new climes.

Baffin Island in the north of Canada near the arctic circle is one of the most isolated places on Earth. There aren't any roads there because of the permanent ice cover. If a person wants to travel anywhere, they have to do it by helicopter. Of course, helicopters are the quintessential mode of travel for the super-wealthy - perfect for lottery winners.

With heliskiing on Baffin Island, jackpot winners can shred fresh, pristine powder, without a soul in sight. Then, when they get to the bottom, the helicopter is ready and waiting to take them back to the top again. Now that's luxury.

Exploring The World's Biggest Caves In Vietnam And Cambodia

Why playing the lotto is the best bet you can make!

The caves in Vietnam and Cambodia are less visited than the South Pole. They are among the most isolated and treasured places on Earth, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Two caves stand out, Hang En and Hang Son Doong. Travelling to these caves is popular not just for people who love exploring the deepest caverns of the Earth, but also billionaires and lottery winners who want to experience the world's most beautiful geological features in luxury. Tours to Hang En and Hang Son Doong include stays in luxury hotels with all of the amenities a jackpot winner could imagine.

Visit The Grand Canyon With A "Comfort Camp"

Why playing the lotto is the best bet you can make!

Lottery winners want to explore the Grand Canyon, but only if they can do it in style. With the help of a "comfort camp" - a winner's personal fully-staffed base camp - they can. The base camp provides all the facilities that a person needs and a place from which they can explore the Grand Canyon on their terms. Luxury travellers can choose to explore the geology of the area on a jet ski, helicopter, horseback, or mountain bike. They can also take part in adrenaline-pumping sports, like windsurfing on the Colorado River, or gentle activities, like paddleboarding on Lake Powell.

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