El Gordo de Navidad, it’s live!

At Lotto247, there are so many chances to play and win massive sums of money. Amongst the options, there’s one that stands out every year; El Gordo de Navidad. This Spanish raffle is unique because it happens every year and poses one of the biggest prize pools of any other game out there.

Every keen lottery player should be interested in this raffle, and here’s all the key information to note:

A gigantic prize pool

As mentioned, the prize pool for El Gordo de Navidad is extremely impressive. For 2019, it sits at an outrageous 2.38 billion Euros. Like most raffles, the prize is distributed through different prize tiers.

Each player can buy shares of a ticket - which is given 5 randomly assigned numbers. Some players chose to buy the whole ticket, while others may only buy a tenth. Each ticket can also be sold a certain number of times. For example, in 2016, each ticket could be sold 180 times, meaning multiple players had the winning numbers.

As a result, the main prize is then divided amongst the number of winning players. In 2016, it was 720 million Euros shared amongst 180 winning tickets. Therefore, each winning player got 4 million Euros.

El Gordo de Navidad, it’s live!

Of course, if a player only bought a tenth of the ticket, they only receive a tenth of the prize! There are other prize tiers as well, meaning more and more players get rewarded for playing.

An annual event

The thing that makes this raffle special is that it’s a yearly event, it only comes around once every December. It’s draped in history as well; the first draw was in 1812, and it has continued ever since.

While players can purchase tickets months in advance, the draw itself always takes place on 22nd December. It’s a special event in Spain, and it can take hours for the grand prize to be revealed.

Buy tickets online

In Spain, it’s estimated that an incredible 98% of the population take part in El Gordo de Navidad. It’s seen as a key part of the Christmas season, and there’s a big build-up to it. Traditionally, tickets are bought in shops throughout Spain. However, thanks to Lotto247, players can buy El Gordo de Navidad tickets online. Everything still works the same, the player just doesn’t receive the physical ticket. Then, come the 22nd December, tune in to the live draw and see who wins!

The odds of walking away with some type of prize are considerably better than most other lotteries. As such, players should take advantage of this by purchasing a ticket today. It’s easy to do; create an account with Lotto247, then make the purchase online!

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