Where lottery winners are today, 10 stories that will blow your mind!

It’s safe to say that nearly all of us have considered what we’d do if we were to win the lottery. With ever-increasing sums of money up for grabs, the world really would be your oyster if you were to win a jackpot.

So what has happened to people who have actually hit the big time and taken home huge sums of money? Here are some notable lottery winners and their stories!

1) Louise White

Louise White won her $336.4 million jackpot while eating sherbert ice cream in Newport, Rhode Island. But she didn’t rush when it came to cashing in her ticket. Instead, the 81-year-old slept with her winning ticket in her Bible, mulling over what she would do with her winnings. Eventually, she accepted a lump sum of $210 million and set up the Rainbow Sherbert Trust!

2) Bob Erb

Where lottery winners are today, 10 stories that will blow your mind!

While the majority of us would hand in our notice and stop working as soon as we won the lottery, Bob Erb continued his work as a seasonal construction worker, despite winning an astounding $25 million. But instead of relying on his income, he donates all of his wages to a local food bank.

3) Victoria Ragone

Victoria Ragone did what most lottery winners should do but often fail to do when she found out that she’d won $9 million - she automatically sought out a financial advisor, before she’d even cashed in her ticket!

4) Jason Fry

While Jason Fry didn’t invest his money wisely to start with, he did use some of his $13 million winnings to invest in a local golf club. This company now has an annual turnover of over one million dollars!

5) Brad Duke

Where lottery winners are today, 10 stories that will blow your mind!

Brad Duke won a dream $220 million jackpot and invested most of the money in two consulting companies. He’s on his way to becoming a billionaire!

6) Bud Post

Of course, not every lottery winner uses their money well. In fact, many go broke not all too long after winning. Take William “Bud” Post as an example. Despite winning $16.2 million, this winner was $1 million in debt within one year of cashing in his prize!

7) Sharon Tirabassi

You’d think that $10 million would be enough to last you a lifetime. But this isn’t quite how things worked for Sharon Tirabassi. She ended up overspending and returning to riding the bus, renting a house, and working within less than a decade.

8) Evelyn Adams

Where lottery winners are today, 10 stories that will blow your mind!

Gambling really can be a problem - especially when you feel like you have a lot of money to throw at it. Evelyn Adams gambled away most of her $5.4 million fortune in Atlantic City.

9) Tonda Lynn Dickinson

Tonda Lynn Dickinson was supposed to split the winnings she claimed for a ticket with her colleagues, but refused to do so. After investing money unwisely, she was forced to pay over $1 million to the taxman.

10) Suzanne Mullings

You don’t necessarily need to be completely irresponsible and lead a lavish lifestyle to struggle after winning the lottery. Suzanne Mullings ended up paying $1 million on medical bills for her uninsured son-in-law.

As you can see, your life can take a variety of different directions should you win the lottery. You could be rich for life or you could find yourself returning to your usual lifestyle in a short period of time, depending on how you choose to spend your winnings!

What’s the first thing you’ll do if you won millions and millions of dollars?

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Things To Do If You Win The Lottery. Stay anonymous. ... Sign the winning lottery ticket. ... Choose an upfront, lump-sum cash payment or the annuity payments. ... Assemble a stellar team of financial, legal and tax advisors. ... Pay off your existing debt.

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